Haiku Bags

Haiku Accessories are Vegan-Friendly (no leather)
and are made with recycled materials.
Easy to maintain - just spot wash with soap and water.
Rinse well and you are on your way!

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About the Fabric

CyclePET fabric, recycled poly from 100% post consumer beverage bottles.
The iPad Sleeve 2 saves 7.7 plastic bottles from the landfill.
We love cyclePET fabric for its renewable nature.
This durable, textured fabric is soft yet tough and earns eco points for using 100% post consumer recycled beverage bottles.
Keeping the plastic out of landfills reduces the need to use virgin petroleum for new PET and lessens our dependence on oil.
As well, we reduce our waste and produce less pollution than manufacturing virgin poly.
We also use non-toxic dyes that do not contain carcinogenic materials, heavy metals or formaldehyde.

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